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Mirrors: 3 intriguing ways it can improve your sex life


We know a lot of couples enjoy gazing at themselves while having sex and a mirror can provide some angles that you don’t see always.

But make sure you’re both comfortable with your bodies and staring at yourselves before adding a mirror to your sexual mix.

Sex with mirrors can be very enchanting, go invest in a few mirrors and place them in strategic locations around the room and then get down to business. So below are 3 ways you can add mirrors to the fun.

1. The closet mirror

The closet mirror is a full-length mirror that also works as your bedroom closet’s door. This is a good choice for a mirror sex.

When having sex with your partner, look over at the mirror. She will definitely look too, to see what you’re looking at and when she does, you can say something like, “I love the way we make out, it’s magical”. There’s a high probability that she will get excited and it will be so nice to have her watch you penetrate her.

2. The dressing mirror

When she’s standing in front of the mirror, just stand behind her and begin undressing her. When she’s naked, begin fondling her boobs slowly and make sure she’s enjoying it and watch as the pleasure shows on her face. While still staring at the mirror, slowly make your way down to her vagina. Use your fingers to rub the outer lips and tease her a little bit. Then separate her lips, making sure to get some of her wetness on your fingers, and slowly rub them along her clitoris.

3. The ceiling mirror

The ceiling mirrors might make you seem like you’re a little too into watching yourself have sex. So you might want to leave the ceiling mirrors for hotels. But if you are at an hotel with a ceiling mirror, make good use of it as this is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. The ceiling mirror is great for a 69 position. So if you’re 69ing with her on top, you can finally watch as she performs oral sex on you. And when she’s on top, you can finally watch yourself spank her but just keep in mind that a ceiling mirror works best with positions where one of you is lying on your back, or on your side. It’s not a great option for doggy style positions.

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