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Moving On… Top 6 reasons why you didn’t finish sex



Sex can get complicated sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s fun and exciting which is why its one of the most thought about things in the world.

It’s one of those things that everyone wants to get better at, the quest to be a better love is forever ongoing.

We can all admit that there are times when the sex is just bleh, it’s not banging like it usually is. You’ve never experienced it before? Don’t worry your time will come. Lol. We are all scared of premature ejaculation, that’s a real fear for guys, busting a nut 4 thrusts into sex is never a good thing.

So, you and your partner have had sex and its just 50 shades of not going well. I’m here to tell you, it might not be your fault. Here is a list of 6 reasons why neither of you have cum yet, well according to Medical Daily.

1. Err… the condoms are too tight

(Intimate Health Help)

What is there to say about the necessary evil? A lot of ladies have said sex reduces the sweet sensation of sex, the humble truth is that if you don’t wear the condom properly, it can hinder the male orgasm. An extremely tight condom might feel like a chokehold, making it difficult to keep an erection.

2. Stress

Just like stress ruins almost everything, it ruins sex as well. It makes it hard to concentrate on what’s going on.

3. Depression

Sexual desires originate from the brain, sex organs rely on chemicals in the brain to push the libido also change blood flow. A study done in 2000 in the American Family Physician discovered that 70 percent of adults are facing depressions without treatment have problems with their sex drive. Depression disturbs brain chemicals needed by sex organs to initiate and enjoy sex.

4. Chronic pain

This is quite unfortunate because sex has been proven to alleviate pains and ache but it will be more difficult to enjoy sex if you or your partner have chronic pain.

5. Prescription drugs

This is one of the most often causes of sexual problems, prescribed medicines are responsible for one out of four cases of sexual dysfunction.

6. Bad Body Perception

(The Love Lint)

If you feel like your body isn’t the best and its giving you sleepless nights. It can tend to give you a bad vibe and this can then further affect your sexually but if you feel great about your sexual attractiveness, weight, and physical condition, it will go along way in helping you feel good in bed.

These points are here to let you know that you don’t need to freak out if you’re going at it for too long. Sometimes, it just means you’re more intoxicated than you thought, or either of the points listed above.

It’s also advisable not to give much thought to the bodies you see on the TV and the internet. Not everyone will have those #bodygoals.

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