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The sensation of hands on me brought back a memory that I still found such a sexual thrill.
As a young girl, I always felt a little shy, it wasn’t that I was modest, rather my body grew a little faster than many other girls in my year at school, and instead of embracing my new found development, I felt far more subconscious of my ample breasts.

As I grew they became something I tried to keep hidden, yet now as I blossomed as a woman, I became more comfortable in the sexual aura they created. If anything I quickly learned to love them, love the feel of them, touch them, they had become an asset I should have enjoyed long before now.
Running the bath, I started stroking the water as it pooled below. I felt relaxed and warm, the sun comfortably heating the room allowing my nakedness to be a real pleasure and thereby adding a wonderful degree of horniness.
At that moment I thought of Emeka, how he always enjoyed watching me, with or without my clothes on, but definitely without. I would catch him taking a sideways look, I don’t know why he then pretended not to peek, and I rather liked knowing he was taking in the view, feeling his eyes on me, admiring my body.
I soon realized he had always enjoyed watching me, even before we were ever living together. I often just caught his eye giving me that cheeky glance when no one else was. I had enjoyed our friendship way before we had become lovers, I knew we always had a flirty relationship but it was real.
I would often chat away over a few glasses, my language and stories becoming rather more outspoken and loose. Tales of past relationships, naughty endeavours and generally things that turned me on, something we both shared.
Having enjoyed a warm soak in the bath, I wandered into the bedroom. My skin was feeling soft from the water. I stood before the mirror and began to smooth some of the rich clear body oil on to my skin.
As ever I found the sensation pleasantly arousing… feeling the slippery texture soak into my skin, as my hands became warm gliding over my body and down my womanly limbs. Facing the mirror I couldn’t help but feel his eyes were taking in the moment too but I pretended not to be aware, maintaining the pretense that he was just sleeping quietly, oblivious to where I was.
The sensation of hands on me brought back a memory that I still found such a sexual thrill. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed the sensation of oiling myself after a bath, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that’s why he enjoyed watching me too.
I found it aroused his mind to hear how I behaved. I said that I deliberately flexed my upper arms, allowing the towel to loosen its grip around my chest, slipping it lower down my body to reveal my body beneath. I remember at the time it didn’t worry me to be naked lying before this strange man as his hands kept working their way so intently over my body.
To be continued…

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