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I loved how he fucked me and I wanted him deep inside, feeling his hands caress me as he did.
It all started in such a seemingly innocent form, as I felt his hands could do no wrong and with the firm and masterly touch he had I just wanted him to move lower.
In fact, I became desperate for him to move lower, parting my legs as he did so, inviting his touch to the private parts of my body.

He was reading my body language and followed perfectly my quiet wishes without speaking. I wanted his fingers to move into my body and respond to my urges. No words were spoken, I just felt his fingers edge deeper into me where they began to build up the intensity.
The sensation was heavenly, and as he played me more, I lay on the table and spread my legs wider, feeling the pleasure rip into my muscles. I struggled to hold back any sound and began to groan as he pounded my wet pussy over and over, my muscles crying out to explode in one overwhelming sensation.
Before I knew it Emeka was pouring more oil and drizzling it over my tits then down onto my stomach and naval as his hands smoothed their way over my flesh, his face watching intently as my body reacted to his touch.
I couldn’t help but smile at him as his fingers took on my thoughts and entered my body. Exploring my growing wetness, which only added to the ease of his fingers moving in and out of me. The combination of my reminiscing of how horny it was and the physical pleasure I was receiving was intense. He could see my face reflect how I was feeling and moved down between my legs allowing his tongue to stroke the creases and mounds of my pussy while his finger continued to arouse my soft moist lips.
Each move and flick of his tongue brought me closer to orgasm, my legs falling more open, I let the pleasure wash over my body as his hardness grew. Seeing him so horny for me I moved down his body to expose his hard dick.
I’m never tired of seeing how sexy he looked when he was fully naked before me, his strong muscular frame on show. I relished the chance to take him in my mouth. Now I was nestled between his legs, looking up at him, while my tongue took long, sensual strokes of his hard dick.
The act I found such a turn on, playing the seductive vixen to his physical presence, watching his eye contact intently as I tasted and sucked, my mouth consuming all I could while working to build pleasure deep into his groin.
I loved how he fucked me and I wanted him deep inside, feeling his hands caress me as he did. I knew it would only be moments until I felt him slide into me, my wetness allowing such ease of moment before he would be thrusting in and out of me in such controlled rhythm. As he lay behind me I felt his hands moving with greater passion over my body and his dick penetrating me.
He was a deliberate and careful lover, taking his time to work my body, teasing my pussy with each penetrating move building up the sensation within me. It wasn’t long before I ached with pleasure, my muscles spasming with intensity that waved through my legs. He collapsed into my arms and we lay for a while kissing.
My Thirst for a Dick was Finally Quenched

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2 years ago

You people should repent from all this rubbis sex for is a sin.

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