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Oral Sex: Ladies learn how to go down on your man with these 5 positions


Trying out new things is what keeps your sex life hot and spicy. Oral sex is a pretty intimate experience, whether you’re on the receiving or giving end.

Men love blowjobs, therefore men love women who give great blowjobs. However, some women have no idea what they’re doing. For some other women, they learn to give blowjobs by watching porn, asking their friends, or through practice, and we all know that the learning continues.

But there’s no chance that all women know exactly how to give a good blowjob, so below are 5 things every woman should know about giving oral sex.

1. Just open wide and say “ahhhh”

Just open wide and say “ahhhh” (Cosmopolitan)

To get a hotter experience than the normal 69, lift your hips away from his mouth and allow play with your vagina with his fingers or a sex toy. This is a double edged sword as both of you will be giving and receiving pleasure.

2. The mouth off

The mouth off (Cosmopolitan)

Lie on your back and let him mount your mouth, with his head pointed toward your feet. If he supports his body weight with his arms, you are free to do what you please with your hands. Work your fingers between your legs and go down, any additional moans you may let out are an added bonus for him in this position. When you’re surrendering control of the depth of penetration, make sure you let him know if he’s going too deep or you just don’t like it.

3. The Slippery Kitty

Slippery kitty (Cosmopolitan)

If you want some action of your own when going down on your partner, grind against his leg like in the picture above. This can make you wet and get very excited when giving head. For extra stimulation, you can rub your clit while you take him in your mouth.

4. The double down

The double down (Cosmopolitan)

Have him stand and strip his pants off. Kneel before him, kissing your way up his inner thigh giving him time to appreciate the alpha male moment of ”jeez! this gorgeous woman is about to suck my dick!” As you go down on him, ride gently on a dildo or press a vibrator against yourself.

5. The sideways 69

The sideways 69 (Bedroomsexstories)

The sideways 69 is a little less work and a lot less regret. All it requires is for you to lay on your sides in the opposite direction and go downtown. He can even get to use a vibrator while you’re generously sampling the D.

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