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Period Sex: 5 reasons you should do 'it' during that time of the month


We all know period sex can be messy, and not everyone is pleased dealing with bloody sheets or getting naked during what tends to be an unsexy time of the month.

However, there are lots of reasons to look past those troubles as period sex has some amazing advantages and this can help you feel good about yourself.

Below are five reasons to get it on when you’re on the flag.

1. Sex may help reduce menstrual cramps

While having an orgasm, your pelvic muscles contract and release, which may reduce the pelvic pain and cramping linked with menstruation. Sex makes you feel good, and also the best thing in the world for your cramps.

2. The extra lubrication

Sex can feel really great for both partners because it makes things naturally slippery and wet. It’s a good argument for making shower sex your go-to period sex style since water is not a good lubricant on its own.

3. Climaxing can be a powerful pain reliever

Orgasms can also be good for the overall discomfort and fatigue that can come along with having your period. Orgasms aid the discharge of powerful chemicals called endorphins, which can ease pain and boost your mood.

4. Helps you sleep better and can reduce stress

Those endorphins are also amazing at lowering stress levels. Getting it on with your partner is also a great way to feel closer, strengthen your bond, and feel good about yourself and your body. Orgasms also prepare your body for sleep by releasing the hormone prolactin, which may help you get more sleep.

5. You get hornier on your period

Some women get really horny during this time of the month, while others don’t feel sexy or ready to go during their period. But this point of your cycle can be a time of increased sexual arousal. The fluctuating hormones and increased blood flow to the pelvic area may both play a role. However, some women feel extra desire during their periods and if you’re one of these women, consider taking advantage of the libido boost.

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