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Sex: 5 moves that make you feel closer to your partner



Sex can relieve stress, help you sleep, and maybe give your immune system a boost.

However, one of the best benefits of all that bedroom action is that it helps you feel super connected to your partner. And that can make your relationship tighter, deeper, and better.

Below are tips that will give you that bonding time you truly desire with your partner.

1. Always touch during sex

All the sex positions have their benefits. However, some of these positions keep our bodies far apart. But if you’re hoping to feel emotionally closer to your partner, try positions that bring you physically together as well, such as missionary or spoon style. These allow you to press your bodies close together, so you feel the warmth of your bare skin.

2. Focus on foreplay

Most women need other forms of stimulation to have an orgasm. So in order to have the kind of sex that makes people closer as a couple no matter what your sexual orientation, start thinking about sex way more. It’s way beyond penis and vaginal sex. Spend lots of time enjoying moves that traditionally happen during foreplay.

3. Eye contact

Making eye contact with your partner during sex makes you exposed, and revealing your exposed sides builds intimacy. A mutual gaze, as you pull back from a kiss or when you’re nearing orgasm, is super intimate.

4. Let your fantasies out

Being open about the touches and moves you crave will help you get that satisfying sex and it’ll also give your partner the sense that they can share their desires openly too. During sex, whisper where you want to be stroked or guide your partner’s hand to your body.

5. Take charge of the moment

Mindfulness in the bedroom can really pay off. Thinking about all the things you should be doing instead of sex makes it hard to engage with your partner. So to really be in the moment with one another, kiss, and focus on the sensations of sex. By doing this, women can become aroused faster and reach orgasm quicker.

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