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Sex: Truths about it every woman must learn before turning 30



Everything you should know about enjoying sex is not like it seems, sex is much more complicated than in the movies or pornography you watch.

While learning as you go is part of the fun, there’s no point in wasting your time believing you should ever fake an orgasm, or that you should feel embarrassed by your shape.

Below are things you should know about sex while you are still younger than 30.

1. It’s okay to laugh

Sex may have seemed super serious when you were a novice, but do yourself a favor and loosen up a bit. It’s a part of feeling comfortable in your own skin, it is owning your imperfections and the fact that bodies sometimes do weird things or make weird noises during sex. And if anything during your sexual romp does embarrass you, try to focus on the humor over the humiliation.

2. Lube up

Lubing up really enhances sexual activity in general. It’s not a failure of your womanhood to get a little help from your lubricant associate.

3. Use the rubbers

Condoms are not exactly the coolest contraceptive on the block. However, condoms are really crucial, and luckily there are plenty of great options that provide protection without feeling restrictive.

4. Sex shouldn’t hurt

While trying new things can definitely be positive, it should never come at the expense of your comfort. Sex simply should not hurt, so if you are experiencing pain with sex; don’t ignore it. See a doctor who has experience treating sexual pain.

5. Don’t fake orgasms

Whether we know it’s not going to happen or just want to give our partner a little ego boost. The problem is, he thinks he’s the master of your orgasmic universe, he’ll keep doing these same moves over and over again believing they’ll yield positive results to your own detriment. So skip the drama, and offer some nice discussions to get you to the actual promise land,

6. Do not focus on the finish line

Sex is more than just penetration and reaching an orgasm. If you invest your focus on the pleasure you will completely revive your sex life for years to come.

7. Masturbate/go solo

Masturbation should be part of your self-care routine. Take your time, set the mood, and really get to know what your body likes. Use a little bit of lube, to enhance your senses and play with different pressure, tempos, and ways of touching yourself.

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