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Soft Work! 6 touching tips to work the clitoris like a pro



Women have perhaps the most types of orgasm there is. They’ve got clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm and anal orgasm. Just wow! As guys, we are not so lucky but for a guy to help his lady get these orgasms, he has to be at the top of his game. Has to do things in a .

While women can have multiple orgasms and also multiple types of orgasms, there are ladies who can’t have every kind. Some ladies cannot get with just penetration alone. Infact, according to statistics, 82 percent of women cannot reach orgasm by penis penetration alone, this creates a situation where the lady will need extra help to get to the finish line.

The help in this situation usually comes in regards to how the clitoris can get stimulated. According to Cosmopolitan, here are ways you can touch your clitoris in most pleasurable way possible.

1. Use some lube

It makes it all even better, friction isn’t good for sex at all.
(Gritty Woman)

Dryness is never good for sex. If you don’t have lubes, you should get one, they are things that are needed frequently these days. Even needed more for some clitoral stimulation. According to relationships and sex educator Kate McCombs advises a small drop of lube on the fingers and massage the clitoris gently. The fingers can also be spread to the sides, just slowly up and down the skin surrounding the clit. The lube helps make the finger motions smooth.

2. Circle motions are glorious

When it comes to the clitoris, circular motions are great. Try one or two fingers over and around the clitoris then move them around in circles. You can switch up the speed, but notice her body to see when the she’s enjoying it the most and stick with that.

3. Tap it lightly

How to be badass in touching the clitoris.

The clitoris is a wonderful organ, circular motions are great, but tapping it as well is something mind blowing. Just over it, make little tapping motions on it, then you can work with applying pressure to see which pressure she enjoys the most.

4. Both hands circling

This maybe purely experimental but it’s coming from a reputable site that talks about understanding women and their needs. So, in this way, one of your hands goes in circular motion over the clitoris while the other still draws the circle faster. The varying speed can be so pleasurable. You may eventually feel like a DJ spinning the wheels or making pottery.

5. Switch it up, lie on your belly

humping is still cool especially against your own hands.
(Daily Mail)

If she is someone who is into humping, dry humping, how about trying to do it against your own hand, with your belly on the bed or the surface. Being face down can allow the lady grind hard against the bed, pillow or surface and it can get really sweet.

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