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The D: 5 things that are way deeper than the size of your penis



You should be thinking about how good it is at making you orgasm and this has nothing to do with your penis size.

The size of your penis should not be a problem as the thing is hidden behind pants most hours of the day. And truly, there are so many things that matter more.

1. The smell

Does your dick smell like a pig that just ran into a dirty pond, or does he smell like his personal brand of deodorant with a touch of you sweating it out at the gym?

2. How good he is at maintaining eye contact

Because we are looking at your eyes, not your crotch-al area when we’re having intimate conversations.

3. How well your pants fit

You should wear the appropriate pant for your goods and it’s not as if we are trying to get a glimpse at it, but because we want to be sure that you can shop for yourself like an adult.

4. Your D’s willingness to learn more about feminism and gender equality.

The penis is welcome to come along for the ride on this one but a woke penis is one that realizes size doesn’t matter.

5. How well he listens to me

Penises do not have ears. And even if they did, I don’t think they’d be very compassionate because they all think alike.

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