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Weekend Trips! 5 spicy sex position to remove boring from sex life



It’s normal, after a while everything becomes boring, in relationships, sex too can be become a routine, just like taking out trash, there is nothing exciting there, just a normal task.

That’s why we’re here, if you’ve found yourself in this type of situation, here are sex positions that can help you bring back the spark into your sex, as recommended by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The view

The view sex position

The name of this sex position is quite funny but it’s also very true because the man has the best view in the room. It’s a reverse cowgirl sex position, she straddles him backing the upper part of his body while he lies down, she can begin to move slowly, like she is twerking over his waist. The view comes into play here, as he watches his own dick appear and disappear into her vagina. Try it today.

2. The hickory switch

The hickory Switch

This is a chance to be playful, this is for the guy. This is the doggy position with some few things added to it. Now, stay with me, while in doggy position, put in a couple of thrusts, then pull out the dick, use it to spank the ass a couple of times, after doing this, rub the shaft over the vulva before putting it back in again. Notice her body and how she responds to this.

3. Sitting 69

The sitting 69 position

69 is one of the most uncomfortable sex positions ever but with these few tweaks, it can be bearable. The guy sits at the edge of the bed then she straddles him with head in his laps, the guy then lifts her up so that the private parts are in close proximity with each other’s face. Make sure to be careful while doing this.

4. The spinner

The spinner

You will need a swing set for this, so if you don’t, you can be creative but remember safety is key. The lady puts her feet on the seat so that her ass is out, the guy penetrates. The guy can then spin back and forth, just remember to be careful, it is possible to break a penis. Don’t go too fast, be careful, remember not to get carried away.

5. The squeeze box

The squeeze box sex position

For the exercise craze ladies, they will love this. This will help her do squats and kegels while having sex. She squats over the guy with the tip of the dick just inside the vagina. Let it hover for a second, then go down, doing the kegel around the penis inside her. It will feel very good, just ask the guy.

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