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#WorstSexExperience: I cannot believe that my dad cockblocked me!



My girlfriend and I are freaky sex animals, we love sex with each other so much. Lately, I have been planning for us to have an all-day sex marathon but hadn’t fixed a date yet. So, on this particular day, I woke up, feeling annoyed and didn’t want to go to work that day.

I called in sick and gave them excuses that I was down with headache and body pain and as soon as the day off was granted I jumped for joy. Today will have to be my all-day sex marathon that I had in plans for a long time. She is getting all of my dick today, i actually had a plan to fuck the hell out of my babe so i quickly rushed out to the closest shop to get my rough-rider, getting prepared for the task before hand.

As soon as I did that, i placed a call to my babe who was always ready to fuck me even if it will cost her trouble with her military father. We all know the stereotype of the daughter of a soldier, they’re wicked and do not suffer fools. If he knew that I was doing his daughter, I would probably be in the guard room for days but horny guys will be horny guys.

She told me to expect her in a jiffy. True to her words, in a few minutes I had the glorious knock on the door, I knew it was her, so I ran to open up.

There she was, standing in front of me with her big luscious boobs, well packaged that I felt like devouring them right where she stood. Like a lion ready to tear his prey apart.

It was funny she observed same of me too; anyways, she came in and went straight to my room. I then went to get us food and water for backup…you know, replenish the energy and get it going.

And so it was time for the real deal and my prayer was about to be answered. We both undressed and we were good to go, then the devil started.

Suddenly, i had a knock on the door and there was my dad at the door, OH MY GOD!

My whole volume came right down, it felt like someone poured cold water all over me. My dad came back home and that was the end of it all, there is no way I could sex with my dad in the house. It’s rude, moreover she is a loud moaner.

My day-off work/planned marathon had a failed start. Papa why na?

Story by Anonymous

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